Cleaning technology

The cleaning technology treats with all the problems of separating of impurities in feed material. Depending on the binding mechanisms different cleaning processes have to be applied to break bonding forces and separate the different substances. In general these processes can be divided into washing processes, selective crushing and separation processes.

Cleaning processes make a significant contribution to the efficient use of natural resources. By reducing the mass flow rate due to the removal of undesired components the following process stages can be relieved. At the same time, the feed material is prepared for further processing steps. For example for applying optical sorting clean surfaces are necessary to identify the materials and therefore washing processes are necessary.

Essential for the appropriate selection process is a detailed analysis of the sample material. This will be examined regarding to its material composition and material properties and then characterized on the basis of the results. This results in the requirements for the selection of a suitable cleaning process.

In our test facility different test equipment for the various tests are available, with which materials can be studied at laboratory scale. Other working tasks are in the range of system optimization regarding to energy and water consumption as well as machine development.